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Montaillou is a charming village in the Pyrenees at an altitude of 1300m, on the border of the Ariège and the Aude. Just a two hour drive from Toulouse, Perpignan and Narbonne, it is the ideal location for a weekend break or to re-source during your well-deserved holiday. The journey through the pristine and authentic surroundings is simply breathtaking. Follow the links below for more information about your itinerary and the condition of the roads. We wish you a good journey

Since 2021, “La Loi Montagne” imposes special equipment (winter tyres or snow chains/snow) between 1 November and 31 March.

Travel options

The airports of Carcassonne, Toulouse, Perpignan and Béziers serve both national and international flights. Follow the links below for more information about car rental, among other things, or read on for other possibilities to get closer to us.

The train stations of Toulouse and Carcassonne are both accessible by TGV. To get even closer to us by train, your destination will be Ax-Les-Thermes. Located on the route Paris ↔ Latour-de-Carol, this also gives you the possibility to take the night train. Dream the night away and wake up in the heart of the mountains!

Another way to get closer to us is by taking a bus. Depending on your starting point you can travel to one of the following stations: Ax-Les-Thermes, Quillan or Lavalenet. For more information follow the links below.

Now that you have come this far, we’d be more than happy to arrange a pick-up service if you wish. We can currently transport up to 4 people at a time. Please inquire when booking your stay. Check below for some of the possible options and rates.

Arriver Ici Ax-Les-Thermes€ 2530 min.
Arriver Ici Quillan€ 4045 min.
Arriver Ici Lavelanet€ 4045 min.
Arriver Ici Carcassonne€ 7590 min.

    Geographic Coordinates


    42° 47' 15.13" N
    42° 47.2521' N
    1° 53' 53.33" E
    1° 53.8888' E